Welcome to the official website of Dr. J. Gregory Payne.

J. Gregory Payne is an Associate Professor in Emerson College's Department of Communication Studies and one of the foremost international experts on the protest rhetoric of Kent State.

Dr. Payne‘s expertise is in political communication, public diplomacy, crisis communication, celebrity/spectacle media events (death of Princess Diana, JFK, Jr., Michael Jackson) and health communication, protest rhetoric, especially the shootings at Kent State.  He has edited the American Behavioral Scientist’s campaign edition for every presidential election since 1988, and is the founding director of the Saudi American Exchange, the first grass roots public diplomacy effort in the wake of 9/11 and honored at the inaugural Clinton Global Initiative.  

He is the past president of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, past Chair of the NCA Political Communication Division, and former Chair of the Communication Studies Dept at Emerson.  He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Health Communication, Tripodos, American Behavioral Scientist and the Journal of Promotion Management.  He is the author of Tom Bradley: The Impossible Dream, Mayday: Kent State, and the play Kent State: A Requiem, has authored academic and popular articles and book chapters for publications worldwide, and has provided commentary for print, electronic and new media nationally and internationally.   

He has consulted with the U.S. State Department, U.S. Dept. of Defense, U.S. Treasury, United Nations, UNICEF, Cities of Los Angeles, Boston, Barcelona, and local, national and international businesses and NGO’s.  He received Outstanding Service Awards from the University of Illinois, Friends of the Emerson Majestic, Aramco, U.S. Treasury, Formula 1, and International Academy of Business Disciplines.  He received the 2009 Humanitarian Award from the Northwest Communication Association.  

He is Director of the Center for Ethics in Political and Health Communication, which he co-founded in 1996. He has taught at Tufts University'sDepartment of Family Medicine.  While Chair of Communication Studies at Emerson College, he began innovative programs including a joint Health Communication program with Tufts School of Medicine, the first joint degree program of its kind in the world, Global Marketing, Marketing Communication and Political Communication. The number of graduate students in the Communication Studies increased from single digits to over 350 during his tenure.  

Dr. Payne advises the Emerson chapter of the Communications, Politics & Law Association (CPLA) that hosts numerous guest speakers, events and trips for students throughout the course of each academic year. 

Current Projects and Activities

Public Diplomacy
The Emerson Election Project
Rediscover Rosarito
Payne Selected for Nation Branding Seminar at NCA 2009
Payne and Emerson Students invited to be Baja Film Advisory members September 2009
Second annual Rosarito Film Festival participamts showcased on Baja TV
Payne to be keynote speaker at Baja Society Meeting

Crisis Communication
Payne invoted to design crisis communication workshop for Rosarito in Fall 2009