Dr. Payne visits DuocUC Santiago in Chile for a series of workshops

Mayor Torres recognizes Dr. Payne and Emerson Students

Columbus State Community College production of
Kent State: A Requiem

2nd Annual Rosarito Student Film Festival Winner

On Rosarito Channel 6
Local Rosarito Television Interview with Students and Dr. Payne from 2nd Annual Rosarito Student Film Festival, Sept, 2009

AIDS Docudrama
Tirst docudrama on AIDS, produced and shot at Emerson College and premiered at the first collegiate conference on AIDS, held at the Emerson Majestic Theatre, 1992, Department of Communication Studies, Dr. J. Gregory Payne, Chair,   Conference Organizer: Dr. Scott C. Ratazan

Part 1

Boston Common, 1992, Dr. Payne discussing the role of political ads in the Clinton, Bush campaign (with Profs. Ratazan and McDonough

Behind the Scenes - Rosarito Film Festival

Third National Fulbright Conference in Turkmenistan, 2007

Prof. Enric Ordeix-Rigo & Prof. Jordi Xifra from Spain, and Dr. Robert Brown of Salem College in public affairs panel discussion, 2009.